• Turnable Sliding System

Turnable Sliding System


MEDO slidig partition system breaks the original sequence of buildings with its unique life form. Keep the original home structure and inject new elements into modern life. The combination of static time and dynamic space gives people the freedom of living activities and finds a complete balance between dynamic and static.

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MDTG25 Turnable sliding partition
Air tightness Level 8
Water tightness 500pa
Wind resistance 4000pa
Thermal insulation 2.0w/m'k
Sound insulation 37dB



Sliding Partition System

Sliding partition is an indispensable product in minimalist architecture. Because the product itself is a beautiful view!

Slime frame, big panel, max size per panel 2000mm* 2000mm, no comer mullion.

When you open it, the door disappears.

When you close it, the door not only pertormances excellently in water tightness, air tightness and drainage to provide a safe and sound home, but also adds extraordinary beauty to the architecture.

Turnable Sliding Door2
Turnable Sliding Door
Turnable Sliding Door3
Turnable Sliding Door4

MEDO Turnable Sliding System allows all panels to slide and turn multiple corners to finally inserted into the wall, providing an effect of “disappearing walls” with 360 degree unblocked view.

Each panel can slide independently of each other. With special roller system, panels move freely and smoothly even in big sizes, which opens up possibilities for architects who want to create wall size doors. With slim frame design, the view is maximized to its limit.

Turnable Sliding Door5

90° and 270° opening with wide angle view

Turnable Sliding Door6

90° and 270° opening with new opening method for new living space.

Pillar free corner sliding with 360° full opening.

Home Application


Extreme aesthetics

The horizontal sliding doors combine with the building to form a novel exterior solution, giving the building a minimalist facade effect. The design concept of transparent wall brings excellent permeability and comfort to users, so that your vision and action can be freed.

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